The Lord’s Message:
Kingship of Jesus Part 2, King of Life

Date: July 18, 2021
Where: Tilghman UMC
Scripture Reference: Mark 5:21-43

            Last Sunday, I made the bold statement that Jesus is King of my life.  I am repeating this statement this Sunday, that Jesus is King of my life.  I am not making this statement to be pretentious.  I am making this statement by faith.  I hope and pray that if you have not made this statement of faith in your life that you will.

            Last Sunday, I said that a king needs to have a kingdom.  Jesus is king of three kingdoms:  creation, life, and spiritual realm.  This is a three-part sermon and last week, we learn about part 1 that Jesus is king of creation.  Jesus is God.  Jesus was with God when God created the heavens and the earth.  When Jesus was upon the earth, Jesus had the ability to control creation.  Jesus showed this ability by commanding a storm to stop and the winds died down and the water became calm.  At the time of the storm, Jesus was asleep on a cushion in the stern of the boat.  The disciples were panicking for their lives, because they did not have the faith to believe that Jesus would save them.  We will have storms, trials and tribulations in our lives, but we need to have faith that Jesus will walk with us through all the storms, all the trials and all the tribulations.  Notice, I said that Jesus will not remove us from the storms, but Jesus will walk with us through the storms.  We need to have faith.

            This morning, we are going to be learning that Jesus is also king of life. Let us pray.

            The passages of scripture that Larry read for us this morning talks about the faith of two people, Jairus one of the leaders of the synagogue and the woman who has been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years. 

            Jairus a man of God who believes that Jesus can heal his daughter from a fatal illness.  We are not told what the illness is.  We do not need that information.  God is the great physician and God can heal all illness.  That is the reason that when we go to intercessory prayer we do not need to name the illness, we just need to lift the name of the person and God will handle the rest. 

            Look at Jairus’s reaction by seeing Jesus stepping out to the boat in Mark 5:21-23.  Jairus has faith the Jesus will heal his daughter.  Look at Jesus response to this faith, Mark 5:24.  The faith that Jairus shows Jesus moves Jesus to compassion.  Jairus is prominent member of the community has faith in Jesus. 

            Let us move on to person that is not a prominent member of the community and observed her faith.  I am referring to the woman that has a hemorrhage for twelve years.  We are not given a name for this woman.  We do not know the age of this woman, but the fact that she has had a long-term illness is the important factor.  This illness has caused her grave problems.  First off, we learn in Mark 5:26 that she is broke by going to all the doctors to cure her of this illness.  If we remember the Levitical female purity laws or Niddah, we will quickly realize that she has not be able to come to church and worship God.  Look at Leviticus 15:25-30.  This illness has caused her to separated from her family, from her community, and from her church.  She must feel utterly depressed and that no one can help her. 

            Just when she thinks all hope is lost, she sees Jesus in the crowd.  In Mark 5:27, she has heard about the Jesus having the power to heal people of all kinds of illnesses.  She thinks to herself, He can heal me.  She sees the crowd and it is her faith to leads her to Jesus.  If I can only touch him, then I will be healed.  There are two problems.  The first is how to get through the crowd?  The second is if I touch Jesus, then Jesus will be defiled.  If we have faith God will make a way.  God does make a way.  The crowd parts and she find herself behind Jesus.  First problem solved.  The solution to the second problem is her faith.  Let us look at Mark 5:28. I do not have to touch Jesus, but his clothes.  The results are in Mark 5:29.   The hemorrhaging stops and she was healed of her disease.  In Matthew 9:20, we are told that she touched the fringe or hem of his cloak.  This was probably the tassels that was sew at the corner of the garment.  We find in Numbers 15:38-39.  I suspect that you have all seen tassels at graduation ceremonies.  This woman reached up and touched one of those threads and she was healed.  End of story.  She will just quiet slip away from the crowds and probably go home to her family.

            Not so fast.  Look what Jesus says in Mark 5:30, “Who touch my clothes?”  Looking at Mark 5:31, the disciples tell Jesus with all this crowd pressed against everyone, surely someone has touched you.  Jesus is not content with that answer.  Jesus starts looking in the crowd to see who has touched Him.  The woman is thinking now that she is in big trouble.  Jesus must be mad at her.  An unclean woman touching Him.  In Mark 5:33, she falls at Jesus’ feet and confesses to what she has done.   I think that you might know the hymn Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus look full into his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.  I call this a turn your eyes upon Jesus moment.  Mark 5:34, Jesus looks at her with love and says “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease.”

            Now, we quickly return to Jairus and his sick daughter.  While all of this is happening, messengers from Jairus house show up with news, Mark 5:35.  Jesus overhears and Jesus has a different viewpoint.  Jesus says to Jairus in Mark 5:36, Do not fear, only believe.  In Mark 5:37, Jesus disperses the crowd and heads to Jairus’ home with Jairus and Peter, James and John.  In Mark 5:38, when they get to the house, the paid mourners are already there.  It was the custom at that time to hire professional mourners or moirologists to help comfort the family.  This is still the practice in China and other Asian countries. 

            Jesus seeing the mourners says in Mark 5:39.   In Mark 5:40, the mourners’ response is one of ridiculing Jesus.  At which Jesus sends them out of the house.  Jesus then takes the mother, Jairus, the father, and his three disciples and goes into the child’s room.  Jesus heals the child because of the faith of Jairus in Mark 5:41-42.  In Mark 5:42, to prove to those in the room that Jesus had healed the child and they were not seeing a ghost, Jesus tells them to get something for the child to eat.  Ghost can not eat food. 

            In both instances, the healing of the woman that had been hemorrhaging for twelve years and the Jairus’ daughter was because of faith.  The woman and Jairus both had faith that Jesus could heal.  Jairus a religious leader and prominent member of the community had faith that Jesus could heal his daughter and Jesus healed her.  The unknown woman, ordinary person, had faith that Jesus could heal her and Jesus healed her.  God does not care about your status in society.  God will heal everybody and anybody if it is God’s will.  We just need to have faith. 

            If you recall that Jesus could not do any miracles (provide healing) in His hometown of Nazareth was because of lack of faith.  I am referring to Matthew 13:54-58.  The people of Nazareth did not see Jesus as the King of Life.  They did not see Jesus as the one who could heal them and their loved ones.  The people lack of unbelief or faith that caused Jesus not to perform any miracles of healing. 

            We need to have faith that God can heal us or our loves ones of any illnesses.  When God does not heal, then we need to have faith to know that God has a more perfect plan than we could ever know.  The important principle here is to trust and lean on God.   Paul says that in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. 

            When we have an illness, we need to have faith and trust in Jesus.  When our loved ones have illnesses, we need to have faith and intercede for them with prayer.  Intercessory prayer moves the heart of God.  Lifting the person to Jesus for healing and that “God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Jesus is King of life.  Amen.