The Music of Tilghman

A Church-sponsored Concert Series

Please Note: The Music of Tilghman Series is pending due to Coronavirus concerns re public gatherings.

Started in 2015 these free concerts are a celebration of our local artists. Organized and sponsored by the church, the concerts are a reason to gather our community together, encourage local artists and share experiences. They provide a forum to share the musical heritage of Tilghman Island with a wider audience, as well as the new musical forces in our community. Most importantly we hope that by having neighbors share their art, people will be inspired to the possibilities of creating art themselves.

 The concert schedules are published in the local news and community newsletter and promoted through posters and signs.

All concerts at TUMC. Saturdays, 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Nearby and free. Arrive early to get a seat!

Concerts are sponsored by the Tilghman United Methodist Church and partially sponsored by the Talbot County Arts Council with funds provided by the Talbot County Council and the Towns of Easton, Oxford, and St. Michael. For more information contact Debra Brookhouser at 410-886 -2881 or [email protected]

Music of Tilghman Concert Series – Some Past Performers

The Fathers and Sons with pianist Isaiah Embert
Bay Hundred residents (L to R) Larry Gowe, Tyde Mowers, David Miller, Bunky Miller have been a part of TUMC and the regional gospel music scene for decades.

Heart and Music is affiliated with For All Seasons, a partner with TUMC in Healthy Tilghman.  They perform many styles, from Broadway to Spiritual, and more, throughout the region.

Celeste Kellogg is a CMA/Nashville Recording Artist who got her start signing in church choirs and lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Susan & Bob Jones, Tilghman residents since 1999, play many instruments and musical genres.  
Chris Noyes, a Claiborne resident, is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and teacher.
Christmas Concert featuring Beth Anne Langrell, Kelly Fossi & David Miller, Bob & Susan Jones